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Niche Internet Marketing: The Secrets To Exploiting Untapped Niche Markets And Unleashing A Tsunami Of Cash (Paperback)

Article Source: Marketing Niche Markets

A niche is any tightly focused segment of a market, having specific appeal. For example rather than selling containers or even buckets, or even red buckets, you might specialise in selling SMALL red buckets. That would be your niche. And if anybody wanted a small red bucket, they would know to come to you, because you are the expert and have the best stock for that particular niche. Internet Marketing covers all the new marketing methods that have evolved online as the internet has expanded through all areas of our life. These include SEO (search engine optimisation), link building, article writing, email marketing, Adwords, YouTube marketing, Facebook marketing, list building and many other methods that are both black hat (illegal), grey hat (of dubious origin), and white hat (perfectly legal). A niche internet marketer has entrepreneurial qualities. They can spot a trend, and use their skills to quickly create a product and site to take advantage of the deman (more…)

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Article Source: Marketing Niche Markets
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