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Niche Marketing for Coaches: A Practical Handbook for Building a Life Coaching, Executive Coaching or Business Coaching Practice (Paperback)

Article Source: Marketing Niche Markets

“Essential reading for anyone who’s serious about running a life coaching, executive coaching or business coaching practice.” Jonathan Jay, founder of The Coaching Academy” A highly recommended resource book that all coaches should own. this book is a marvelous ‘insider guide’ to the art of defining your coaching niche. It is concise, yet thoroughly comprehensive in its exploration of the sometimes complex subject, whilst remaining an enjoyable book to read with its healthy doses of practical advice, borne out of the author’s pure experience. The lack of jargon means that the reader is informed & supplied with the necessary tools to be effective, as well as being given invaluable ‘tricks of the trade’ to help avoid some of the pitfalls out there in the real world. I have learned a lot from this book & it has changed the way that I now approach marketing as a coach.” Grant Willcox 2Excel Coaching” Hannah McNamara is a successful coach who has the rare quality of actu (more…)

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Article Source: Marketing Niche Markets
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