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Grab The Opportunity

Grab The Opportunity

When most people start exploring the world of affiliate marketing, they think that they might run a site that will link to sites where people will need to buy a book or a CD and start or win an auction for them to get paid.

But there is another kind of affiliate marketing that can earn you money without lifting a finger. Don’t believe me? It’s true!

If you link to a site that requires a customer to buy a membership in something, say a gym membership or maybe an adult site that requires a monthly fee, you don’t just get paid once when that person signs up.

Every time that customer pays their monthly membership fee, you get paid. Honest! It’s called residual affiliate marketing and it can be an amazing way to make money from home on your website.

Everyone dreams of sitting at home and making money without doing anything. Well, this is a legitimate way to do just that. Different kinds of membership sites tend to keep customers for different amounts of time. If someone remains a member of a site or a program that you linked them to, you could get residual commissions for years to come. If they cancel after one month, then you would only get one commission.

This is why it’s extremely important to link to quality websites. You’re maximizing your effort. A good rule of thumb to follow is if you wouldn’t use that site, don’t expect the people you’re linking it to to use it either.

How can you maximize this profit stream?

The best way to do it is to choose who you link to carefully. Try to go with sites that offer high quality products that get used up. Things like vitamins are a great choice. They tend to be expensive and people develop a good brand awareness with things like medicine and vitamins so if a customer is happy buying them from a site you linked them to, they will become regular customers. A happy customer for the company you link to ends up being a constant revenue stream for you!

Creating multiple streams of income

Creating multiple streams of income is pretty easy when you look at it. Group your products under the same umbrella to save time or add a program that you can make informative lists on. Your site will benefit and you’ll have happy customers.

One of the great things about affiliate marketing is the idea that you can subscribe to as many different affiliate programs as you can manage, all at the same time. We’ve talked in depth in previous articles about how important it is to have some focus on your website so that you can appeal to customers instead of appearing like a hodgepodge of links. It’s a fine line to walk between having multiple streams of income and having too many programs. Let’s take a look at the right way to handle this problem.

Marketing Gold Mine

Marketing Gold Mine

  • Make sure your streams relate to each other. This is a tip worth a thousand bucks, alone. Think about it for a moment. Yes, you want to have more than one program on your website at once, but you don’t want 10 or 15 because it’s too much to manage. So, what’s the best way to go? Have 3 or 5 and make them all related to each other! Say your first program is through a company that sells pet supplies. You’ve written some stellar content on pets sine it’s a passion of yours, but you want more than one stream of income. How about a program through a gourmet pet food distributor? You can SHARE CONTENT then, since you already have great content written about pets to begin with. Want more? Find a company that sells pet treats from around the world. Or maybe one that specializes in pet medications through the mail. The choices are endless and by relating all of your companies, you won’t have to write separate content for each program. You’ll save time and make money!
  • Have fun with your content. Let’s say you find an affiliate marketing program that you just have to add to your site, but it’s about a topic you don’t know much about. Don’t worry! You can still write interesting and informative content, even if it’s about a product you’re not an expert on. Try a list. Just flip through the TV listings this week and take a look at all the list shows on right now. People love lists. You can make a quickie top 10 list style article and relate it to your new affiliate program. This will allow you to diversify your business and add extra streams of income at the same time. You don’t want your site to be entirely lists, but one out of three or four is fine and it makes your site appear more fun!

Residual marketing can be an absolute gold mine for some web users. It doesn’t happen automatically though, you’ll need to make sure you link to quality products and services if you expect people to use them again and again. Make your choices wisely and you’ll be shocked at how much money you can make!

Maximizing affiliate sales

Any marketer knows very well that there are dozens of ways to advertise a product, any product. It’s not a big deal to come up with an idea that has a good chance of catching the eye of some surfer and get him to click on your affiliate links.

The real problem is to come up with something that makes surfers click through and actually buy something, because this is what puts money in your pocket. Nevertheless, affiliates are not in control of the conversion process, since this is the job of the merchant website, and the only thing you should focus on is to find the top selling products and the best places to advertise them.

Spotting the top sellers with MoreNiche is simple. You can check the live stats on the testimonials page and make up your mind about what you want to promote and where. Promoting the products is easy and could turn out to be a very profitable thing for you to do.

However, the trick is to reach out and find ways of putting links in the path of surfers, because a single website will never get you far enough. But rest assured that the thing is easier than it sounds. There are lots of places to promote the products.

Like chat rooms. Go on the popular chat programs and join the conversation if the topic borders on the things you are trying to sell or start a conversation yourself. Just be polite, be on topic and push your products in an honest and non-offending way. Don’t rush in yelling “LOOK Y’ALL WHAT I’VE GOT HERE!”, this will only get you banned.

If you think the company ads aren’t creative enough, or if you have specific information about your target customers, then feel free to adapt existing ads or write new ones from scratch. Nobody’s forcing you to go with an ad that could be improved.

Or write an e-book about the problem that the product you’re selling is designed to solve and present the said product as a very good solution. Put the e-book on your website and invite everybody to download it free of charge. People like freebies and will certainly welcome the chance to become informed without paying anything. Submit it to free e-book directories in order to reach more people.

People need to know that a product is actually working before they decide to buy it. If you’ve tried the program yourself, then write about your experience and a personal endorsement. Let everybody know what kind of benefits they can expect from using the product.

Maximize your chances by subscribing to more than one affiliate program and list all the links on your website on a directory page. Advertise your directory far and wide and then you may have affiliate networks trying to get your attention in order to be listed with the existing ones. Submissions are good, so accept every request.

Create your own signature file. Use a spiffy headline that’s bound to grab attention, talk about the product you’re promoting and keep everything simple and to the point. If the text is longer than five lines, nobody’s going to bother to read it, so take care.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to advertise products on the internet, because the internet is nothing else but communication. Therefore feel free to mix and combine promotion techniques to suit your product and your view of how marketing should be done.

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Article Source: Marketing Niche Markets
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