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Using Articles To Make Money

Using Articles To Make Money

The big secret to affiliate marketing isn’t a magic formula or miracle catchphrase. It’s well written content.

There are even companies out there that will write content for you, for a small fee. It may seem like a silly thing to invest in on the surface, but once you see the hard numbers that show how much better affiliate sites do with content then without, you’ll be on board in no time flat.

Looking through the universe of online affiliate marketing, you’ll notice that most sites fall into two categories. There are sites that simply have a list of links to other sites that sell products. You’ll notice that these sties come up often in web searches on Google or Yahoo, but they don’t seem very useful since all they have is other links and no actual content of their own.

The other kind of affiliate site is the kind that you want. It is a site that has all the same links that the others do, but it also has content. Now, what does “content” mean, anyway? Content is simply an internet term that means articles or information on a web page. Why do affiliate sites that use content work better than those that don’t? It’s simple.

If you click on a site, say, a site about growing roses, which would you rather find? A list of links that you have no idea if they are any good or not or if they even link to a reputable company? Or an informative, well written article about growing roses that has a link at the bottom for a company that, while you still don’t know if they are trustworthy or not, the person who wrote this content thinks so and they sure sound like they know what they are talking about.

Which one do you think does better sales every month? Exactly. The site that uses articles.

This is the number one reason why you should be knowledgeable about the products you wish to sell. It will be a million times easier to write content that sounds like it was written by an expert if you know your way around your product. If a web surfer stumbles upon your site, finds your articles well written, informative and fun and then sees a link to buy a product related to the article, your chances of making money of that customer goes up 100 times.

Video as way to generate traffic

Marketing with videos is a fun way to promote and pre sell products. You can make your own videos and upload them to your website or the others mentioned. Your visitors will be enthralled and you will increase your sales conversions. Everyone likes watching videos and seeing is certainly believing. Videos can win over those visitors who are just a little skeptical as to whether it really works.

Video is the up and coming thing in marketing today. There are just so many ways you can use this media. A picture is worth a thousand words and what better way to market your hot selling product than through a video.

The latest thing to hit the marketing scene is video blogging. You can just use your own video camera and up load your video to your blog. It is not too hard and can easily be done for pennies. You can then promote it as you would a regular blog.

As well as blogging there are many other websites where you can upload your video for the world to see and sell more of your product than ever before. Many of them are free like YouTube and Google video. You can generate traffic by putting their URL on the video.

You can announce your video to your visitors and newsletter subscribers to generate more traffic to them. You can also place a link to your video in your direct marketing advertisements. This will mean that you can pre sell with your ad and then close the sale with your video clip. You can additionally use your videos to create curiosity and excitement about your sponsor’s products and get visitors to click through to your sponsor’s site. When done properly this will increase sales conversions and get you a bigger commission check.

Get your affiliate site ready for the holidays!

For many affiliate marketing sites, the holidays are a dream come true. Some affiliate sites see their traffic double or even triple as millions of shoppers from around the world bypass the mall for the convenience and fun of online shopping. Most people would agree that if they had a choice between navigating snowy roads, finding a parking space and then battling crowds only to stand in a checkout line for 30 minutes or staying at home in their pajamas with a hot cup of coffee and doing their shopping that way, they would choose the latter.

So, how can you make sure that your affiliate marketing site is ready for the holiday shopping season? Let’s take a quick look at a few things you can do to spruce up your site and get it ready for that special time of the year.

Niche Marketing

Niche Marketing

  • First off, if you don’t have your site all spruced up by the Monday after Thanksgiving, don’t worry about it. Evidence shows that “Cyber Monday” isn’t really the sole busiest shopping day of the year, but it’s more spread out between that date and the 15th. You can still revamp things and capitalize on the Christmas shopping season.
  • Try and concentrate on specialty niches. While it may be tempting to get into an affiliate marketing program with Sears or Wall Mart, most people have these stores near them. If you with someone like The Sharper Image or L.L. Bean, you’re dealing with very high end product that is unique. You’ll make more money and you’ll find that you’ll do better business on your site.
  • If you deal with a major online superstore like Amazon, remember, you don’t always have to sell books or CDs. Some sites offer big rewards to affiliate marketers for gift cards, and since they are a smaller item to ship, they usually have later deadlines then gifts so people can order then after the cut off deadlines and still get them by Christmas.
  • Make sure you have a handle on the cut off dates for shipping. No matter what product you link to, they should have clearly posted dates for shipping, both domestic and internationally, for Christmas. Make sure you post those dates on your site too, so that no one ends up disappointed on Christmas morning.

The holidays come only once per year and the chance to capitalize on it is brief. But if you tune up your affiliate marketing site in time, you’ll be full of extra cash as well as holiday cheer this season.

Talking to your affiliate program

If this is your first time running an affiliate program website, it can be a bit confusing. Is your site designed the right way to attract the right customers? Is my web content good enough? Am I using search engine keywords the right way? It can be a lot to handle if you’re new to affiliate marketing.

One thing that you can do to help yourself master each and every affiliate program is to simply talk to the company that you’re linking to. It sounds simple, but most affiliate marketers just set up a site, toss in some content and links and forget about it. They don’t go that extra mile that can mean the difference between selling a few units and selling a bundle. Here are a few tips for helping to boost sales on your affiliate marketing website.

  • Before you go to your seller, set up your site for a month or two and record the traffic and sales you are able to do. That way, when you go to the parent company, you can say, “See, this is what I’m doing, and these are the sales I got”. No one knows the product you’re trying to sell better then the company that sells it. Use this knowledge to your advantage. Maybe the company you link to just finished an internal study that shows that people are especially fond of a particular benefit of the product you’re selling that you don’t even know about! If you write your content around this benefit, you might see your sales double or even triple.
  • By talking to the parent company, you’re sending a clear signal that you are taking this affiliate program seriously. And trust me, the people in charge will take note. Recent affiliate marketing studies have shown that over 90 percent of all affiliate sales come from only 5 percent of affiliate websites. If you can end up in that group, you’ll be making money faster then you ever thought possible.
  • By keeping in contact with the parent company, you can stay up to date with any sort of product changes, price changes, shipping rule changes or any other information that might impact in content of your affiliate website. Nothing will anger a customer more than a promotion on your website saying that if a customer clicks here, they will receive free shipping, only to have it not to be true. By staying connected to the parent company, you’ll always have the most up-to-date promotion info.

The benefits of befriending the parent company of your affiliate programs is vital to running a good business. You owe it to your customers, as well as yourself, to have the latest, most accurate information on your site at all times. Respect your customer base and they will reward you with loyalty that will pay off big.

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