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HighProfits Affiliate Network

HighProfits Affiliate Network

It is easy to see why HighProfits affiliate network is so popular. Even as a relatively new affiliate network they have got a lot going on them. And we have to admit we were impressed by what we found when we explored their website.

In one location affiliates can find everything they need to make online marketing into a lucrative asset. 30% to 70% commissions, versatile products, limitless resources and e-marketing tools, and access to NAT software.

Yet the most impressive part about HighProfits affiliate network is that these above features form only a segment of all the numerous incentives they have got on offer. There is much more to HighProfits affiliate network than meets the eye.

The first thing to catch our attention was the easy navigatability of their report system. Incorporating the latest in NAT software, affiliates can keep track of all their successes by witnessing which of their campaigns produced the most referrals.

But this unbelievably was not the best part. The way they went about presenting this information was also equally absorbing.

Instead of sitting in front of endless streams of data, affiliates can directly interact with these statistics to see where their weaknesses lie, and how they can improve upon their affiliate website.

Their choice of activity charts, interactive graphs, detailed comparisons, data based trends and animated maps, really helped to put these statistics into perspective, whilst making the whole process fun, fun, fun.

It was almost addictive to watch all these figures form into credible figures that even the most novice of affiliates could understand. There is no misrepresentation of what you have achieved. It was clear, concise and extremely motivating.

By getting down to nitty gritty of your affiliate website it was possible to see where things could be amended.

Plus their incorporation of data feeds also proved to be incredibly beneficial in regards to forming our decisions. 100% live and readily available to view whenever you needed, these live statistics made making the decision to alter a website even easier because you could literally see how well your referrals were doing.

Highest payouts and exclusive offers

HighProfits affiliate network commissions and referral systems were pretty impressive too. Averaging at 30% to 70% per product, HighProfits affiliate network have managed to go one better than this initial deal breaker by offering affiliates additional monthly bonuses through their 2nd tier referral program.

All affiliates need to do to boost their commissions, for life, is refer a webmaster to HighProfits affiliate network and once they do they will receive an instant $2 commission plus 10% of whatever their referrals lifetime earnings.

Now whilst their initial $2 bonus is not a lot, we found that when we explore further into this scheme, the mounting bonuses were simply irresistible. It was impossible to ignore the potential earnings you could acquire simply by recommending a webmaster to HighProfits affiliate network.

For a referral of just 10 webmasters who then themselves earn $100 a month, affiliates can potentially earn $1,220 extra a year. $1,220 for doing absolutely nothing!

And considering that some of their affiliates are already making $10,000 a month, the bonuses you could acquire through this scheme is substantial.

But one of the best features about HighProfits affiliate network has to be their community.

Long gone are the days where affiliates have to fend for themselves. Instead, affiliates can become a part of an intimate social network that is committed to enhancing their online marketing strategies.

Build A Massive Downline

Build A Massive Downline

And it is a community you definitely want to become a part of.

Here affiliates, new and experienced, can trade up on tips, advice and knowledge whilst receiving at the same time the latest in marketing trends from a team of affiliate experts.

Just witnessing the constant communication between affiliates as they worked together to help each other was incredibly inspiring.

This alone was enough to get us filling out our details on their sign-up page and waiting for our first message. It is a network you would be proud to become a part of.

Plus when you take the time to step back from this and look at what they have achieved here, it is hard to believe that HighProfits affiliate network is still a relatively new affiliate network.

Already they have established themselves as a reputable affiliate network with a large affiliate following.

Admittedly their merchant area is something that will need expanding upon in the future, but beyond their youthful exterior HighProfits affiliate network is brimming with opportunities that are just too good to miss.

Their payment scheme for example is particularly appetising bringing with it the reassurance and the incentive to you keep motivated towards driving more of your traffic towards your merchant’s website.

Issued twice a month, HighProfits affiliate network payment scheme surpasses even the best of professions ensuring your payments are prompt, consistent and always on time.

And if it is delayed. No worries. Their affiliate support team are prompt to respond, meaning you will never be waiting long to cash in on all your sales, and using your profits to take your website to the next level.

Overall, HighProfits affiliate network is an extremely impressive affiliate network that other programs should keep a keen eye on. Give them the time to acquire more merchants and all HighProfits affiliate network have achieved so far will not be a patch on what they have the potential to become.

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Article Source: Marketing Niche Markets
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