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Choosing A Niche Market

Choosing A Niche Market

Now that you’re considering opening your own affiliate marketing website, you have to pick a product to sell. In previous articles, we’ve talked about how important it is to pick a product you know a lot about since you’re responsible for writing articles that try to get people to buy your product.

But there is more to it then just writing snappy articles and providing a link at the bottom of the page. Knowing how to market your articles will go a long way in determining if your site is a success or a failure.

In the process of picking out a product, don’t be afraid to go “niche”. What that means, essentially, is don’t worry about picking an item that may only appeal to a small number of people. If you pick something like televisions or books, people can go down to their local Best Buy or Barnes and Noble to get those items. If you deal with a company that most people don’t have in their towns like L.L. Bean or Tower Records, people will be more likely to shop with your affiliate site because of the prestige of those companies. People can get a pair of boots or a CD anywhere, but getting those items from those stores is extra special.

Make sure your content relates to the demographic your after. If you’re selling life insurance, you probably want to have content that is going to connect with older folks, not the skateboarding crowd. And this advice goes the other way, too. If you’re selling skateboards, make sure your content is going to appeal to that generation. You wouldn’t want your content to read like an ad for life insurance. Of course, there are some products, like books and CDs, that cross generations, but you can still write your content so it aims at a particular audience.

This is the other side of “niche marketing”, making sure that your content is written for exactly the people you want to buy from you.

Niche marketing can be a hard skill to master.

Most people want to create a broad affiliate marketing site that doesn’t have a lot of focus so that it appeals to the most people. While this is tempting, you can be left with a site that appeals to no one at all. By zeroing in on the group most likely to buy the product you sell on your site, you can lock yourself into a niche market and, chances are, your sales will explode.

Perils of affiliate marketing

While there is serious money to be made in the world of affiliate marketing, it should not be entered into willy-nilly. Just like any other business venture, the proper research should be done so that you know ahead of time how much money, time and effort you can expect to spend before you see a profit.

Here is a short list of expectations that people sometimes have wrong about affiliate marketing:

Marketing Niche Markets

Marketing Niche Markets

  • Updates, updates updates. Many new affiliate marketers think that all you need is that first shiny, new webpage with original content and then you just leave the page be for the next six months and watch the money roll in. It just doesn’t work that way. You have to be ready to add new content to your page every two weeks at the most. Change the theme on your page to show visitors that you’re updating constantly. If you are coming up on Easter or Thanksgiving, change your site to show this. It’s reassuring to web surfers that they are visiting a page run by someone who is paying attention.
  • Remember, if you follow the same tips as everyone else, chances are the market is already saturated with sites using the same techniques. This may be the toughest part of affiliate marketing. Trying to figure out exactly the right technique to attract customers to your site and away from 100 other affiliate marketing sites that are selling essentially the same thing. The only real way to handle this is to stick to the basics. Believe in the product you sell, design an attractive site to sell it and write good content to keep people on your site and clicking on the links on your site. If you are patient, this formula, more often then not, will work, but it will take some time.
  • Just like a good highway, you have got to have traffic. You can be selling the best product in the world, have an attractive website design and have the best content on the internet and if no one can find your site, you aren’t going to make any money. What to do? You can buy advertising to drive traffic to your site, but that costs money, usually more money then you are taking in. It’s a very fine line to walk, a tightrope that most people fall off into debt. It is going to take time and experience to learn the proper formula, and you should expect some debt until you figure out the right combination.

The road towards affiliate marketing success is full of potholes. But it can be navigated with patience and hard work. You may not strike gold right away, but keep digging, the shiny nugget is right around the corner.

Avoiding affiliate scams

Walking that tightrope between spending money and making money on your affiliate website can be tough. Paying to advertise your affiliate website is a great idea, but only if you’re making more money then you’re spending and that isn’t always as easy said then done. How can you make sure that you won’t end up in the red?

Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Make sure your affiliate partner is trustworthy. If you’re just starting out in the world of affiliate marketing, it might be a good idea to stick with the big boys like Amazon or Citibank until you learn the ropes. There are less trustworthy sites out there that are looking to have affiliate marketing done that might not deal with you in a completely honest manor. Until you learn the ropes of affiliate marketing, it might be wise to go with a major corporation that you know will pay out and treat you with respect. You don’t want your first marketing effort to be a bad one.
  • Know how to advertise. Google has an affordable and easy way to advertise through their Adwords program. You’ve seen these ads on Google, they are usually at the very top and on the right hand side of every single search that is done. Google performs hundreds of thousands of web searches every second, so the chances of a search that would trigger your set of keywords is pretty high. Just remember that for each time your ad appears, Google will charge you a fee. Make sure you’re getting the most value out of each sale because, otherwise, Google is making money off you instead of you making money off your customers.
  • Have a realistic expectations. While it is possible to earn a boatload of money by setting up affiliate marketing websites, don’t expect to be bringing in $10,000 a month right off the bat. Every product sells in a different way, and finding that perfect niche takes time. Also, experience is very important in the world of affiliate marketing and the more you have, the better you’ll do. Be patient, stick with it and you’ll see your profits rise with your experience level.

Unfortunately, since affiliate marketing has become so profitable in recent years, there are companies out there that will try to scam you. If you’re an experienced affiliate marketer, you know most of the tricks of the trade, but if you are new to the game, stick with familiar companies until you figure out the best advertising cost revenue balance.

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Article Source: Marketing Niche Markets
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