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JoeBucks Affiliate Program

JoeBucks Affiliate Program

Do you have a complete retail affiliate marketing arsenal?

If you haven’t integrated data feeds into your marketing mix, you haven’t taken advantage of one of the best conversion tools out there in the retail marketing world. So what is a “data feed” then? Data feeds (or product feeds) refer to codes (often XML) available in your affiliate program marketing tools section. These codes allow you to display an online merchant catalogue on your site. As new products are added to the catalogue, the XML code will automatically add them to your site without any additional coding. The catalogue will generally have a small image of each product along with an item name, SKU number and short description. Data feeds are customizable, allowing you to select what you’d like to display by SKU or category.

Why data feeds are an affiliate marketing tool?

Affiliates who do product reviews, comparisons and blogs must integrate this tool into their arsenal. Data feeds suit retail affiliates best. The main advantage of the data feed tool is the convenience of featuring hundreds of products that are automatically updates. Once you’ve integrated the part (or all) of the feed that works best with your site, you are done. This cuts down considerably on maintenance time, and allows you to optimize other parts of your site.

Most importantly, by simply offering your visitors a constantly updated listing of products that are relevant to them, you will able to appropriately market to this audience. Potential customers are seeing their pertinent product selection right there on your site, and do not need to click through to the merchant to view their catalogue of products. If running a product comparison site, you can customize multiple merchant feeds and offer a searchable product comparison database for your visitors.

Some coding knowledge is required to integrate and customize a data feed for your website. Contact any of your Share Results affiliate managers for references to resources that can help you do this.

Tips on SEO for affiliate marketing

Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is better known as, is one of the latest buzzwords doing the rounds of the Internet. Essentially, search engine optimization means that website owners need to understand how a search engine finds results from the Internet and what system do they use to determine the hierarchy in which these results are displayed. This fundamental knowledge can then be used by website owners to direct more traffic to their websites.

Before going into the intricacies of search engine optimization, understanding the link between it and affiliate marketing would be appropriate. Affiliate marketing is a source of income, and this doesn’t necessarily constrain itself to individuals, but also businesses. Businesses or groups of people can use affiliate marketing to pay the costs of maintaining a website. Although hosting websites on a server may be minimal, there are loads more expense heads, like writers and web designers, copyrights for content, logistical costs etc. And apart from just paying off bills, affiliate marketing allows the website owners a tremendous flexibility when choosing the advertisements, so that they are in keeping with the content of the website.

Search engines use an algorithm to determine what the most relevant content on the internet. They crawl through websites, looking for occurrences of keywords. Websites usually have meta data tags describing the content of the website. However, due to misuse, the sole reliance on meta data has diminished considerably. A search engine will check the occurrences of the keywords within the body of the text, and also the time it was last updated. All these factors contribute to what is known as the website’s page rank, which in turn determines how high up the website goes in the results.

There are a few steps for search engine optimization for a website. These are not secrets by any means, but the key to success here is to consistently improve. This way there is no stagnation of any kind and the content remains fresh. The first step is to continuously update the content of the website, and include relevant keywords that occur often within that text in the meta data. The second step is to try and develop a back linking or ‘link love’ scenario, where other websites provide a link to this website. The search engine will also pick up on this, and it contributes to the overall page rank of a website.

Search engine optimization is also important for the individual affiliate marketer, especially if the affiliate has his own website.

Host Unlimited Websites

Host Unlimited Websites

Increase your profits online with affiliate programs

Nowadays the Internet is easy accessible to people all over the world which means there’s a lot of money to be made from the web. One of the best ways to increase your earnings is through affiliate marketing. But how does one know which to choose off all the now existing affiliate programs?

The very popular affiliate programs that we can recommend are web hosting affiliate programs. The reason for their popularity is probably because they are aimed at a wide audience. Unlike many other affiliate programs, your site won’t have to aimed at a certain segment if choosing the mentioned programs. The web hosting business is still on the rise and there’s nothing indicating a change.

If we begin by talking a bit about choosing a web hosting affiliate program. Well, we can start by saying that it’s an extremely lucrative segment as they offer their affiliates great commissions. But as you know this means nothing without a good conversion ratio. You probably know what we’re going to say next. Web hosting affiliate programs have excellent conversion and it’s a fact. If you don’t believe us you’ll just have to take a look at the web and you’ll understand what we’re talking about.

The affiliate marketing business

Your affiliate marketing business is just that. A business. To be successful, you need to treat your business like a business and focus on growth. Your affiliate links are your business. You are the owner of a marketing company and it is an asset you can grow into more and more assets.

Here are three strategies to build your marketing business:

1. Get your own website and domain name.

  • It looks cheap and marks you as a “newbie” when you post a long affiliate link in your ads. With domain names as inexpensive as they are now you can purchase your own domain name. You can then either forward your URL to your affiliate link or set yourself up with some free hosting and establish more of a web presence. Your best bet is to write a benefit-full description of your affiliate program and link to your program via an HTML link that is part of your description.

2. Build your own list.

  • Stop relying on one-shot ads to make you money. Real businesses have repeat customers that they cultivate in order to make more profits. You must do the same. Make a commitment to establish relationships with your customers and especially with visitors to your site. Create an email list to keep in touch. Send out periodic tips or articles and focus on helping your customers. Only promote your affiliate links in unobtrusive ways. Don’t make your emails one big ad.
  • One of the best ways to build traffic to your list is to write a short report that describes the benefits of your affiliate program. Make this report available only by email. When someone sends for your report, they are added to your list and you can continue to communicate with them.

3. Build traffic to your own site and list.

  • This is where you really make your affiliate links your own business. By having your own site and building your own list you are building your own business and brand, not just marketing someone else’s. By doing this, you can market to your own customers over and over again. Do not overlook this point. When your ad redirects a customer to your affiliate link, you have lost that person as your own customer because you lost the ability to communicate with them on a repeat basis. When you direct customers to your own site and list, they build a relationship with you.
  • There are many ways to build traffic. Write articles, post in forums, market in safe lists, advertise offline etc. My advice is to pick one traffic building method, work on it for awhile and master it before moving on to something else. If you focus on offline advertising, write and rewrite your ads until you determine how to get the best response. If you market on safe lists, make a list of the top 50 and send your ad to 10 each day. Keep testing to make sure your safe lists are responsive.

These three strategies will help you build and grow your affiliate marketing business.

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